Summer à la Thom Browne.

By Daniel Blockert|July 1, 2017|Fabrics, General Menswear|0 comments

When Thom Browne got his breakthrough in the mid-noughties I have to admit that I was a little intrigued. His shows were ridiculous but at the same time really clever. It was also interesting to see someone try to update a classical American aesthetic and save it from all brands that tried to sell prep by attaching a large crest on basically anything. I bought a few things from Thom Browne’s own brand and also from Brooks Brother’s Black Fleece line that Browne designed. But I fell out of love pretty quickly. His cuts don’t really look good on anyone who’s not skinny and the shortness of, well everything, got tired fast.

When I got this seersucker jacket recently I really liked the overall quality and the fairly heavy fabric (personally I don’t think that seersucker should be too light). The jacket is not that short either which was good news, but the high button stance annoy me more than anything else. Which is a pity really because there are a lot of things with Thom Browne’s style that I find very attractive.

Oh, and the cat is Napoléon, the alfa-cat in our neighbourhood. He must be greeted or he will get angry…

The jacket comes from BB Black Fleece, shirt and pants are Thom Browne, ps is from Vanda and the shoes are Twins. Click on the headline for more pics.


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