Christmas Attire

By Daniel Blockert|December 26, 2016|General Menswear, Photography|0 comments

Spent christmas in the Berner Alpen in Switzerland (in a village called Mürren, famous because it was the location for the Bondmovie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). I’m shamelessly using the scenery overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley to enhance my fit. But it was what I actually wore for christmas eve, lots of greens and reds. Tweed jacket and corduroy pants from Bladen, polo from Faherty, Drake’s scarf, Monitaly cap and boots from Red Wing (Ice Cutter). Click on the headline for more pics.

Photography – Mandarin Duck

By Daniel Blockert|November 16, 2015|Photography|0 comments

Sometimes we will post photographs on this blog that has nothing to do with menswear or is part of the different series we showcase. These photographs are always taken by Mrs Blockert. In this case, a male Mandarin duck in our local botanical garden decided to show off for the camera. Click on the headline for more pictures.