Haute Couture

By Daniel Blockert|May 20, 2017|General Menswear, Menswear|0 comments

The big couture brands don’t get a lot of love from the menswear aficionados anymore. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that the menswear crowd is obsessed by craftmanship and detail. It is not enough if a garment looks good, we want to know who made it, how it was made, where was it made, which materials were used etc. The days when the couture brands made their living by making bespoke garments for wealthy people are long gone. Today they make money by selling a brand, a look, a lifestyle. Details and craft are not that

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Buying Clothes

By Daniel Blockert|October 5, 2015|Texts|0 comments

A few followers have asked me where I get my clothes and if they are bespoke, MTM, off-the rack, second hand etc. The answer is: a little bit of everything. Most of my clothes are bought off-the-rack, usually followed by a trip to the tailor to make small alterations. Since a couple of years I guess about half of what I buy is bought online. Online shopping has two great advantages: it gives you access to an almost limitless choice of products, and it makes it much easier to compare prices and search for bargains. The hurdle to get over

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Diplomatic Ties – The Series: Why?

By Daniel Blockert|September 12, 2015|Texts|0 comments

I don’t come from a background where ties were common. In my family, no one had jobs where you needed to wear a tie. Ties were just a very uncomfortable piece of clothing to be worn on big occasions: weddings, funerals, graduations. When I finished University and started out on what resembles a career, the tie was something I first struggled to get used to. Which ties to buy, fabrics, how to match them, different knots, shirt collars. But I gradually became fascinated. How this seemingly redundant slice of fabric dangling over your belly became such an important social, cultural

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