Diplomatic Ties 300: Petronius (for Al Bazar)

By Daniel Blockert|October 24, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

As you saw in the previous post, I recently visited Al Bazar where I bought a jacket. Lino Ieluzzi also picked out a matching tie and ps. The jacket is Al Bazar’s house brand, made from a lovely thick British wool fabric. The shirt is an Isaia, pants from Boss, shoes from Allen Edmonds and bracelets from Viola Milano and Punkmonsieur. The tie is cashmere and made by Petronius for Al Bazar and as you can see it has another signature of Lino’s, the embroidered lucky number 7.   Click on the headline to see more pictures.  

At Al Bazar in Milano

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A couple of days ago I was fortunate to have the chance to visit the classic menswear store Al Bazar in Milano, and it’s legendary owner Lino Ieluzzi (and his excellent staff, not least Gianpaolo who helped me around the store). Since Lino’s trademark is the double breasted jacket, I took the opportunity to get my first double breasted myself. As you can see from the picture with Lino in Al Bazar, I was not dressed for the occasion at that time… See next post to get better pictures of the jacket.  

Diplomatic Ties 298: Kiton.

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  Getting ready for the colder months. Time to bring out the tweed. Kiton 7-fold tie in a linen/silk/cashmere blend that gives it a unique touch and texture. Caruso jacket, Borrelli shirt and a ps from Cucinelli. Click on the headline for more pictures. Checkout the original Diplomatic Ties at Tumblr too.

Diplomatic Ties 297: Freemans Sporting Club

By Daniel Blockert|October 10, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|2 comments

Diplomatic Ties part 297: Freemans Sporting Club. Lots of cats in the neighbourhood, Napoléon is my favourite. Big cat, he commands a large turf. Wool tie from Freemans Sporting Club with a lovely, soft touch. Corduroy jacket from Hackett, Drake’s shirt, Boss pants, Tricker’s shoes and a ps from Cucinelli. Click on the headline for more pictures.