Swapping – not as dirty as it sounds

By Daniel Blockert|February 27, 2016|General Menswear|0 comments

Bought the blue Borrelli gun club from an acquaintance recently (see Diplomatic Ties 326 above). A great wool/cashmere fabric, lovely colour, and it fit me well (better than it looks in these pictures, I should have checked the mirror first). However, my acquaintance came back a few months later and told me he really missed the jacket and wondered if I would want to trade it for something else. As I am a very nice and flexible person, and my friend has a huge wardrobe, I accepted and traded for a copper red pre-Berluti Arnys jacket (Diplomatic Ties 327 above).

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Country in town

By Daniel Blockert|February 21, 2016|General Menswear|0 comments

Rainy day in Basel. Very much a country inspired outfit with tweed, corduroy and tattersall, even though I was in the center of a city. My excuse is that I was there on vacation! Purdey jacket, Emma Willis shirt, tie and ps from Vanda, Bladen pants and Red Wings boots. Click on the headline for more pictures.

Diplomatic Ties 325: Isaia

By Daniel Blockert|February 17, 2016|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

I don’t like logos and avoid them as much as I can. But when I get a new jacket or suit from Isaia I let the coral lapel pin stay on the first time I wear it, like a maiden voyage, but then never again. Very fond of the donegal fabric in this jacket. A wool/cashmere/silk blend that feels very soft to the touch even if the fabric is quite robust. Jacket, shirt and tie from Isaia, Cucinelly ps and pants from Berg & Berg. Click on the headline for more pictures.