Sami bracelet

By Daniel Blockert|February 7, 2016|General Menswear|0 comments

The Pitti crowd have not convinced me and I seldom wear bracelets, but yesterday (6/2) I celebrated Sami National Day by wearing a traditional Sami bracelet (it’s the one in the middle, made with denim, copper thread and a reindeer horn button). Some high end brands have made bracelets inspired by Sami craft, but this is the real deal. It comes from Miessi and was designed by Sara Björne, who lives in Kiruna, far north in Sweden. The other two are from Viola Milano and Tod’s.

Boutonnière Milanaise

By Daniel Blockert|February 6, 2016|General Menswear|0 comments

One of the traditional signs of a handmade suit. With some practice it is actually quite easy to spot handmade buttonholes. The most characteristic is probably the “Milanese”, or rather “Milanaise” since the picture comes from one of my French suits. In Parisian tailoring the milanaise is a must and nobody makes them nicer. Usually it is reserved for the buttonhole in the lapel only. This is an example of how it can be done: Milanaise

Diplomatic Ties 321: Drake’s

By Daniel Blockert|February 3, 2016|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

I would never call myself an expert, but I do have some experience from a number of the prime Italian and English tailors and brands. But apart from Charvet (and a few vintage items from Arnys and Lanvin), I have hardly any experience from the great Parisian houses such as Cifonelli and Camps de Luca (to some extent also Smalto). So I thought I would have a go and I have acquired a few items. I have consulted with a few people for advice. This suit came to me via Dirnelli ( ), a true connoisseur of all things Parisian. It

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