Cashmere purples.

By Daniel Blockert|November 9, 2016|Fabrics, General Menswear|0 comments

During the winter it snows a lot in the mountains surrounding Geneva, but rarely in the city itself. And when it does it usually doesn’t stay for long. Today beautiful snow fell heavily in the morning, but by afternoon it was already reduced to sludge and the snowfall turned into a cold rain. A day for cashmere really, as in the jacket and tie above. Lots of purple shades this time. Cashmere jacket from Caruso, Tom Ford shirt, Borrelli cashmere tie, ps from Drake’s, flannels from Berg & Berg and sturdy Tricker’s shoes to go with the weather. Click on

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Diplomatic Ties 370: Borrelli

By Daniel Blockert|November 5, 2016|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Rainy day in Geneva, perfect for the maiden voyage for the casentino coat. Very much a “made in Italy” fit this time, only the shoes where made somewhere else (England). Coat from Eidos Napoli, suit from Isaia Napoli, shirt from G. Inglese, Berg & Berg scarf, Borrelli tie (7-fold), Cucinelli ps and shoes from Crockett & Jones. Click on the headline for more pics.