Diplomatic Ties 387: Viola Milano

By Daniel Blockert|February 25, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series, Fabrics|0 comments

This jacket is my first garment in pure Escorial wool. The wool comes from a small type of sheep, Mahgreb sheep (see the last picture), that originated in North Africa. In 16th century Spain it was a favourite sheep of the King who kept a flock at his monastery, El Escorial, hence the fabric’s name. The Spanish sheep where lost during the Napoleonic wars but since King Carlos of Spain in 1765 gave a hundred sheep to his cousin in Saxony, a small flock of pure breeds remained in Germany. A Scottish entrepreneur in the 19th century, Eliza Furlonge, brought

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Mustard & Green

By Daniel Blockert|February 18, 2017|General Menswear|0 comments

A colour combination that can be difficult but if done well will look very nice. Autumn/winter colouring. Jacket from Attolini, Isaia shirt and tie, ps from Christian Kimber, Berg & Berg pants and Alden shoes. Click on the headline for more pics.