Diplomatic Ties 400: Vanda Fine Clothing

By Daniel Blockert|May 27, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series, Fabrics|0 comments

When my wife and I started with the Diplomatic Ties series five years ago none of us expected it to go on for this long. The blog has also evolved. When we started the focus where specifically on the ties. But I received plenty of comments, both online and IRL, from people wanting to know more about the rest of the outfits as well. That’s when I started listing the items I wear. I’m still not entirely comfortable with that. It’s borderline obnoxious and it also reminds me how much money I’ve spent on clothes… . But it is something

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Haute Couture

By Daniel Blockert|May 20, 2017|General Menswear, Menswear|0 comments

The big couture brands don’t get a lot of love from the menswear aficionados anymore. There are several reasons for this. One reason is that the menswear crowd is obsessed by craftmanship and detail. It is not enough if a garment looks good, we want to know who made it, how it was made, where was it made, which materials were used etc. The days when the couture brands made their living by making bespoke garments for wealthy people are long gone. Today they make money by selling a brand, a look, a lifestyle. Details and craft are not that

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Diplomatic Ties 398: Adriano Dirnelli

By Daniel Blockert|May 14, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

When I heard that style icon Adriano Dirnelli had started his own tie brand I was naturally curious. I have a lot of respect for the maker he uses and untipped, handrolled, handstitched, 7-fold madder ties wasn’t something that I would let pass without trying. I started by ordering two of them and they arrived this week. I know from experience that you can never pass judgement on the quality of a tie immediately. You have to wear and live with it for a while to see how it behaves, how the shape evolves, how the fabric deals with wear, if

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