Final Voyage

By Daniel Blockert|February 28, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

It’s common to see pictures from “maiden voyages”, ie when people try out their new garments for the first time. It is more rare to see the final voyage documented. I bought this Gaiola SC a few years ago. I felt immediately that it was too short for me but I kept it anyway since I like the cut and especially the fabric. But after realising that I have worn it less than five times in three years I decided to let it go. This was the final voyage. Now it will be sold and someone a little shorter than

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Winter White

By Daniel Blockert|February 15, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

I think that white and different shades of it (ecru, eggshell, ivory etc) can work very well even during the winter months, like these corduroy pants from Borrelli. Unfortunately they’re not very practical when there is mush on the ground. Jacket from Al Bazar, Zegna shirt, tie from Cappelli, Poszetka ps, Borrelli pants and shoes from Edward Green. Click on the headline for more pics.