Shades of Grey (and Pink)

By Daniel Blockert|September 28, 2019|General Menswear|0 comments

Rainy autumn day. Great for tweed. Jacket from Freemans Sporting Club, Viola Milano shirt, tie from Cifonelli, Poszetka ps, pants from Brioni, Morjas shoes and a cap from CTH Ericson. Scent: Heeley Esprit du Tigre. Click on the headline for more pics.


By Daniel Blockert|September 7, 2019|Footwear, General Menswear|0 comments

Today it’s the new normal to wear sneakers with a blazer, even with a more formal fit with wool pants and a tie. But it’s much more difficult to pull off wearing sneakers with a suit. If you dress down the suit it can be easier, for example by avoiding shirt and tie and go for a turtleneck instead. But to combine the classical menswear uniform suit-shirt-tie with sneakers rarely works. Generally it looks contrived, sloppy or just plain ridiculous. Question is: can it be done?  Here’s one attempt, with a pic with more formal shoes as well as comparison.

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Enter Fall

By Daniel Blockert|September 7, 2019|General Menswear|0 comments

Suddenly cooler air, my favourite season is incoming. Suit from Camoshita, Hilditch & Key shirt, tie from House of Kydos, Vanda ps and John Lobb shoes. Scent: Frédéric Malle The Night. Click on the headline for more pics.