Diplomatic Ties 400: Vanda Fine Clothing

By Daniel Blockert|May 27, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series, Fabrics|0 comments

When my wife and I started with the Diplomatic Ties series five years ago none of us expected it to go on for this long. The blog has also evolved. When we started the focus where specifically on the ties. But I received plenty of comments, both online and IRL, from people wanting to know more about the rest of the outfits as well. That’s when I started listing the items I wear. I’m still not entirely comfortable with that. It’s borderline obnoxious and it also reminds me how much money I’ve spent on clothes… . But it is something that was requested and I have to admit that when I read other menswear blogs I do find it interesting myself to know which brands and makers the subject wears in the pictures.

We don’t know how long the Diplomatic Ties series will go on, but on the other hand we said that already when we celebrated 100 ties. I think it will go on for a while longer, but it transforms more and more into a regular menswear blog and not so much focus on the ties. But we will keep it small and focused. We have no interest in reblogging other peoples pictures, other than maybe pics of someone that we specifically see as an inspiration. There are already millions of blogs around the world that curates other people’s content. Some of them do it well, but most just fill up the net with random pics.

But even if this blog has evolved we still believe that the core intention from when we started out still holds true. This blog is full of nice menswear, be it bespoke, MTM, RTW or thrifted, worn by a normal person. We usually discard pictures when I look like a complete ass, but otherwise we don’t shy away from fits that worked less well because that happens to all of us. Hopefully some people can find this interesting and valuable.

When the blog started it was an ambition that Mrs Blockert would also post more of her photographs of other things than me. It is still an ambition, but Mrs Blockert isn’t easily persuaded. I haven’t given up though. Of all the entries ever made on this blog the one that got the most likes and reblogs was Mrs Blockert pictures of an old Volvo P1800…

For our 400th installment I went back to the jacket I wore in the very first picture in Diplomatic Ties. It’s a pretty simple linen jacket from Swedish brand Morris, and it’s perfect for warm weather. It is also fitting that I choose a tie from Singaporean brand Vanda Fine Clothing. One of the things that I have discovered since we started the blog is the large number of small artisinal tiemakers around the world. Some of these small brands can rival any of the bigger brands in terms of quality, construction and innovation, and Vanda is one of the very best. This particular tie is a linen/cotton blend in a fabric from Solbiati, one of the best makers of linen fabrics in the world. A great summer tie with a light, soft hand. The shirt is from Isaia, the linen ps is from Brunello Cucinelli, the pants are Zegna and made from a very light wool fabric, the suede chukkas are by Paraboot and the shades are from Garrett Leight.

Click on the headline for more pics.

Mr Blockert

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