Election Day Fit

By Daniel Blockert|May 26, 2019|General Menswear|0 comments

Elections for the Eurpoean Parliament today. Important day for Europe. When I first started voting many years ago I was struck by the fact that some people dressed-up. Especially older people and people who were immigrants or came from immigrant families. I remember asking an elderly couple, him in a Sunday suit and her in an elegant dress, how come they did this since most Swedes would just pop by the polling station in leisurewear. The couple, who had come to Sweden originally from Greece, told me that elections could not be taken for granted. They had themselves experienced a military junta. Democracy demanded respect, that’s why it was important for them to dress nicely everytime they voted.

That has stuck with me ever since, and I always wear at least a jacket and a tie on election day. Even, like it was today, in heavy rain.

The jacket is from Zegna, Thom Browne shirt, tie from Drake’s, Vanda ps, Incotex pants and shoes from Tricker’s. Scent: Jo Malone Basil & Neroli.

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