Diplomatic Ties 349: Boivin

By Daniel Blockert|June 8, 2016|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|1 comments

For me French ties were more or less synonymous with Charvet and Hermès, together with a few Parisian tailors that made their own ties in-house. Now I have discovered that there were more to French ties than this with brands such as Howard’s and Boivin. Boivin has actually been around for a long time and made ties for several other brands alongside their own line. Above all they make lovely madder ties that are on par with any of the best English brands.

Thanks to Dirnelli I found out about Kimono, a small shop in Paris that sell Boivin ties made especially for them. This green tie was bought there.

This day was also the maiden voyage for my new watch, Tusenö (Tusenö translates from Swedish as “Thousand Island”, a reference to the archipelago on the Swedish west coast, outside of Gothenburg. A Swedish Kickstarter project that I decided to support just because I liked how their first prototypes looked. So far I am very pleased. It looks and feels like a much more expensive watch.

The Boivin tie and Tusenö watch was worn with a Chester Barrie suit, Zegna Couture shirt, Vanda ps and cufflinks from Shanghai Tang.

Diplomatic Ties 349: Boivin Diplomatic Ties 349: Boivin

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  1. Very nice tie!

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