Buying Clothes

By Daniel Blockert|October 5, 2015|Texts|0 comments

A few followers have asked me where I get my clothes and if they are bespoke, MTM, off-the rack, second hand etc. The answer is: a little bit of everything. Most of my clothes are bought off-the-rack, usually followed by a trip to the tailor to make small alterations. Since a couple of years I guess about half of what I buy is bought online. Online shopping has two great advantages: it gives you access to an almost limitless choice of products, and it makes it much easier to compare prices and search for bargains. The hurdle to get over

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Diplomatic Ties 295: Borrelli

By Daniel Blockert|October 3, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

In Grottes in Geneva. Many small sidestreets that you don’t see much of otherwise in Geneva. Another 7-fold, this time in a silk/wool/cashmere blend. An old Canali jacket that I probably should get a tailor to soften the shoulders a little bit on. Tattersall shirt from Emma Willis, pants from Jaggy, ps from Battisti and my trusty Trickers brogues. And a rat on the wall… Click on the headline for more pictures.

Diplomatic Ties 294: Borrelli

By Daniel Blockert|September 30, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Another example of the surprisingly vibrant graffiti culture in Geneva, this time on the facade of a school. Ootd was a 7-fold wool/cashmere tie worn with a jacket from Hackett, bespoke shirt (CYC Raffles), Incotex pants, Oliver Peoples (Daddy B) sunglasses, ps from A43, Allen Edmonds shoes and a vintage cap.

Diplomatic Ties part 292: Richard James

By Daniel Blockert|September 24, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

A shantung silk tie with a summery feel. Worn with a lovely vintage Zegna jacket. The jacket is made of a tightly woven cashmere fabric with a very soft touch but lighter than cashmere usually is. The shoulders have been “italianized” by , but the low button stance immediately reveals that it is a vintage jacket. Ivory shirt from Emma Willis and ps from Battisti Napoli.   Click the headline for more pictures.