Diplomatic Ties 307: Rubinacci

By Daniel Blockert|November 18, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

I don’t thrift a lot of clothes and on the few occasions that I do I usually do it “live” so I can check the quality and wear and tear of a garment. But I found this vintage Lanvin tweed jacket on ebay and decided to take a chance. I’m happy that I did because it is a lovely jacket in mint condition. In general I avoid contrast details on clothes, especially jackets and shirts, because it usually looks gaudy and cheap like someone is trying to cover up poor quality or a bad fit with something “funny”. But I found these

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Photography – Mandarin Duck

By Daniel Blockert|November 16, 2015|Photography|0 comments

Sometimes we will post photographs on this blog that has nothing to do with menswear or is part of the different series we showcase. These photographs are always taken by Mrs Blockert. In this case, a male Mandarin duck in our local botanical garden decided to show off for the camera. Click on the headline for more pictures.

Diplomatic Ties 304: Emma Willis

By Daniel Blockert|November 7, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Most of my clothes are Italian but I do have an affinity for the British classics as well, as demonstrated here with a Chester Barrie suit in a typical Savile Row style, including the waist buttons. Worn with a Borrelli shirt, Emma Willis tie, ps from Vanda and shoes from Carmina. Click on the headline for more pictures.

I’m Right Behind You, Son! – 3

By Daniel Blockert|November 4, 2015|I'm right behind you son|0 comments

          Autumn (trying to blend in), Sundbyberg, October 2013. A photo series that just happened to be there when I started looking through my files. The result of often being forced to shoot while trailing along, trying to keep up – in the most different places. Mrs Blockert. Click the headline for the full picture.