Fabrics – Herringbone wool from Drapers

By Daniel Blockert|December 22, 2015|Fabrics|0 comments

    Even if I have been interested in clothes and fashion for a long time, my fascination for fabrics is more recent. I guess that if you are into menswear it is just a matter of time before you realise the huge importance of fabrics. The quality is naturally essential, but also matching fabrics, using them for the right kind of garments, caring for them and of course the beauty of the fabric in itself. This wool herringbone from the small Italian manufacturer Drapers in Bologna is perfect for a coat. It is warm but not very heavy so

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Diplomatic Ties 315: Cappelli

By Daniel Blockert|December 22, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Brown for a rainy day in Geneva. Back from spending a week in Nairobi and disappointed that winter has not arrived yet, instead we are stuck in wet late autumn weather. Tie from Cappelli, jacket from Caruso, G. Inglese shirt, pants from Oscar Jacobson and Alden shoes. Ditched a ps this time, it just became too much. Click on the headline for more pictures.

Evening in Montreux

By Daniel Blockert|December 16, 2015|General Menswear|0 comments

  December evening in Montreux. Sipping on some vin chaud at the famous christmas market just at the edge of Lake Geneva. Coat by Lander Urquijo, hat from Bugatti, scarf from Al Bazar, jacket by Canali, shirt from Rayner & Sturges, tie from Borrelli, ps by Drake’s, pants from Berg & Berg, boots from Red Wings.

Diplomatic Ties 313: Gieves & Hawkes

By Daniel Blockert|December 9, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

I am not a big fan of monk shoes, especially not double monks, but Edward Green makes two beautiful single monks: Mercer and Hove. These are Hove in dark oak. Worn with a Caruso 140s suit, Zegna Couture shirt, Gieves & Hawkes tie and a ps from Finamore (in a pattern based on traditional Nordic folk patterns). Click on the headline for more pictures.

Diplomatic Ties 310: Howard’s

By Daniel Blockert|November 28, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Grenadines have been popular for many years now but nowadays you usually see them unlined (or very lightly lined) and untipped. This grossa grenadine from Howard’s in Paris is actually very heavy, both tipped and fully lined. A great tie for winter. Worn with a jacket from Isaia in a heavy wool fabric, a bespoke shirt to add a splash of colour, a merino cardigan from William Lockie, a wool ps from Stenströms, pants from Boss and Tricker’s shoes. Click on the headline for more pictures.

Diplomatic Ties 309: Howard’s

By Daniel Blockert|November 25, 2015|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Autumn is passing quickly into winter in Geneva and it’s actually too cold to take pictures in a jacket only. But Mrs Blockert took advantage of the leaves still on the ground to add some colour. This is my first tie from Howard’s, a small Parisian house of shirts, ties and accessories. The tie is made from a Loro Piana wool fabric and my first impression is that the quality is very high. Worn with a jacket from Borrelli (thanks to Dirnelli), a Thom Sweeney shirt, ps from Cucinelli, Boss pants and shoes from Tricker’s. Click on the headline for more

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