Spring On Hold

By Daniel Blockert|May 8, 2021|General Menswear|0 comments

Colder weather again in Stockholm. Good thing that I haven’t rotated my wardrobe yet. Suit from Richard James, Drake’s shirt. tie from Attolini, Battisti ps and shoes from Alden. Scent: DS & Durga Bowmakers.

The Italian Background

By Daniel Blockert|April 25, 2021|General Menswear|0 comments

If you wear a jacket in a bold and/or light pattern, the Italians realised that you should combine that with solid colour shirt and tie. The most classic version is a light blue shirt with a navy tie, often called the “Italian Background” To add some texture the tie works best if it’s knitted or, as in this case, in a grenadine fabric. Jacket from Zegna, Attolini shirt, tie from Poszetka, Richard James ps. pants from Incotex and Sanders shoes. Scent: Hiram Green Slowdive.