Summer in the City

By Daniel Blockert|July 7, 2020|General Menswear|0 comments

All linen, except of course shoes, Panama and shades. Suit from Cantarelli, Loro Piana shirt, tie from Kiton, Shibumi ps, Di Mella shoes, Panama from Olney and Garrett Leight shades. Scent: Bruno Fazzolari Five. Click on the headline for more pics.

Heavy Linen

By Daniel Blockert|August 6, 2019|Fabrics, General Menswear|0 comments

New jacket in a heavy Irish linen fabric. I like the combination of a heavier type of linen because you still get the cool and airy qualities of linen, but with a great fall in the fabric and without the flimsyness of lighter linen. Jacket from Bladen, Inglese shirt, tie from Vanda, Berg and Berg ps, pants from Zegna, Mano shoes and Garrett Leight shades. Scent: Bruno Fazzolari Montserrat. Click on the headline for more pics.

English Shoulder

By Daniel Blockert|May 15, 2019|General Menswear|0 comments

A suit with a stronger and more structured shoulder, typical for English tailoring. Suit from Richard James, Zegna Couture shirt, tie from Calabrese, Poszetka ps and shoes from John Lobb: Scent: Bruno Fazzolari Feu Secret.

What’s That Smell?

By Daniel Blockert|July 8, 2018|Scents|0 comments

Well, it’s actually Angelica, Fleabane, Estragon, Opoponax, Costus, Olibanum and Vinyl Shower Curtain. This is how Bruno Fazzolari, an acclaimed perfumer based in California, describes his scent ”Room 237”, named after the hotel room in ”The Shining” from which all evil flows. It’s an interesting scent. Fresh, clean, slightly uncanny. Imagine swabbing your kitchen floor late in the evening with a strong detergent, windows open so the smells from the garden are faintly detectable, and suddenly the lights go out and you hear a strange noise from the living room and you know you are alone in the apartment. You

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