The Eggplant Jacket

By Daniel Blockert|August 29, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

Brunello Cucinelli jacket, shirt from Borrelli, Viola Milano tie, ps from Christian Kimber, Incotex pants and shoes from Edward Green. Scent: Olfactive Studio Chambre Noir. Click on the headline for more pics.

Diplomatic Ties 440: Vanda Fine Clothing

By Daniel Blockert|August 1, 2018|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

Unbearably hot in Geneva right now, like in most parts of Europe. Even in the evenings it’s really too warm for a jacket. Tried with summer fabrics (linen, matka, breezy cotton, unlined suede) but it helps only so much. Montedoro jacket, shirt from Drake’s, Vanda tie, Christian Kimber ps, pants from Berg & Berg, chukkas from Paraboot and Garrett Leight shades. Click on the headline for more pics.