Brown & Red

By Daniel Blockert|March 10, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

Pictures from last week when we still had snow in Geneva, it’s all gone now. Seems like spring is finally on it’s way now. You often see brown and blue combined, but I think that brown and red is underrated. It can work very well. Suit and tie from Borrelli, Emma Willis shirt, ps from Cantini and shoes from Crockett & Jones. Click on the headline for more pics.

The Rust Tie

By Daniel Blockert|January 31, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

Always found that this type of colours works very well in a tie. Gray, blue, brown, works with anything really. Suit from Caruso, Emma Willis shirt, tie from Boivin, Berg & Berg ps and shoes from John Lobb. Click on the headline for more pics.

The Importance of Alterations.

By Daniel Blockert|December 20, 2017|General Menswear|0 comments

Anyone with a genuine interest in menswear knows the importance of tailoring. I’ve had the opportunity on a number of occasions to order bespoke garments and it’s always a joy to go through the whole process from start to finish. But I would argue that it is possibly even more important to find a really good tailor that can do alterations (bespoke tailors rarely do alterations unless it is on garments they made themselves). After some searching I finally found a good tailor here in Geneva that is trustworthy. But this time they got it wrong (for the first time).

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