Band T-Shirts 9: British Sea Power.

By Daniel Blockert|October 31, 2021|Band T-Shirts|0 comments

Music has always been extremely important to me. Therefore hundreds of band t-shirts have passed through my life. Most of them are gone (never occured to me when I was young that they could become valuable). Some I still have and on rare occasions I may even buy a new one. Here are some of them. Vintage, new, originals, replicas, cheap, expensive. All kinds really. Click on the headline for more pics.

Blazer & Jeans

By Daniel Blockert|January 26, 2020|General Menswear, Hipster in denial|0 comments

An unusual combination for me. Jacket from Arnys, cardigan from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Brooks Brothers shirt, , Rose & Born ps, jeans from Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Crocket & Jones boots and shades from The Bespoke Dudes. Scent: Terre d’Hermès.