Autumn Colours

By Daniel Blockert|September 9, 2017|General Menswear|0 comments

Not really autumn fabrics yet, but autumn colours at least. Luciano Barbera jacket, shirt from Finamore, Vanda tie, A. Christensen PS, pants from Berg & Berg and shoes from Mano. Click on the headline for more pics.

Diplomatic Ties 400: Vanda Fine Clothing

By Daniel Blockert|May 27, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series, Fabrics|0 comments

When my wife and I started with the Diplomatic Ties series five years ago none of us expected it to go on for this long. The blog has also evolved. When we started the focus where specifically on the ties. But I received plenty of comments, both online and IRL, from people wanting to know more about the rest of the outfits as well. That’s when I started listing the items I wear. I’m still not entirely comfortable with that. It’s borderline obnoxious and it also reminds me how much money I’ve spent on clothes… . But it is something

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Diplomatic Ties 390: Vanda Fine Clothing

By Daniel Blockert|March 12, 2017|Diplomatic Ties - The Series|0 comments

My great grandfather was a sailor and later in life managed to become the captain of his own ship. He travelled around the world and he was in New York in the early 50s, soon after the UN headquarters had been moved there. He bought these cufflinks with the caption “UN – We Believe”. As a sailor he had experienced WWII first hand (even if Sweden was neutral the Swedish merchant navy was regularly the target of attacks, mainly from submarines. Some surely intentional, in other cases probably just because the ships were mistaken for other nations’ boats). I don’t think

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