The Double Breasted Suit

By Daniel Blockert|January 28, 2018|General Menswear|0 comments

The DB-suit was almost ruined after the ghastly 80s when so many ugly DB-models surfaced. Huge shoulders, low button stance, shiny fabrics. This wasn’t unique for DB-suits of course, but somehow it all became worse when the suit was a DB. Nor did it help that it seemed like every movie villain would have a DB-suit. Thankfully the DB-suit has made a comeback. It’s unlikely to be more than a niche model and, in my experience at least, its much more difficult to find RTW DB suits that fit well. The best option is bespoke and if that’s not possible

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Natural Colours.

By Daniel Blockert|December 2, 2017|Fabrics, General Menswear|0 comments

If I look slightly uncomfortable it’s because I am. La Bise (the northern wind) that hits Geneva sometimes during the winter months arrived with a vengeance yesterday and continues today. Really cuts through the bones. Realised afterwards that this became a very Cucinelli-esque fit with natural colours and few patterns. But I’m actually only wearing one small piece from Cucinelli. Jacket from Sartoria Partenepoea, William Lockie cardigan, Finamore shirt, tie from Vila Milano, Brunello Cucinelli ps, pants from Borrelli and chukkas from Paraboot. Click on the headline for more pics.